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To be honest, after modifying and deleting hundreds of times to the two short lines above, I finally admitted that the biggest challenge to run a blog is to write its greetings! I want the greetings to be passionate, energetic, humorous but also full of wits just like me! Maybe it is a little hard for my writing skills, isn’t it? 😛

Well, back to the point. I’m currently a graduate student at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. My major is Electrical and Computer Engineering, but I have much more interest to the computer science part and I’m trying to know and learn more about this field.

As for me, the charm of computer science or computer engineering is that you can see how your small applications perform immediately and bring influence to the world. And that’s also one of my naive goal as a future engineer(programmer), I want my products give people a better and much interesting life. To do so, all you need is a computer, some coding and debugging work, and an idea! Like the website you’re visiting now, I’m so exciting and delighted to see it runs. In a word, Idecide to be a programmer to start the career of my life.

I’ll put my project experience here and record the process of learning new skills. This idea is learnt from this cool guy, after reading his blog I decided to open one website belongs to me, hoping this site could leave a good impression to the recruiters. I also have some other writing ideas about the introducing what and how a Chinese Post-90’s think and do in America. I would also publish some jabbers if I drank high~ 😛

Alright, let the adventure of life BEGIN!



Jan 13, 2014

I’m gonna have an Internship in NYC. Haha, the adventure truly comes!

— May 27th, 2014

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